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Having said that Infantry can provide some decent experiences pretty quick (combined arms training, parachute drops, opportunities for overseas postings). But powers that be thought that it might be a good idea if everyone who was qualified to a certain level had all done the same training.

I think it totally changed what type of person was available to be a reservist, a whole bunch of people left directly due to "common induction training" and the move from 2-week training to 6-week training (not just recruit but also a lot of other promotion & IET level training).

Salary while undertaking or waiting to complete Employment Training: .61 per day tax free.

Each General Entry job in the Australian Defence Force is classified into a pay group.

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It is a bit of a disincentive to buying decent field gear but decent gear makes going bush a lot less uncomfortable.

Do some research before you join a specific corps – some of them are a lot more comfortable than others.

Some of them increase in pay a lot quicker than infantry.

There might be other allowances which take you up to the quoted figure – but best check with Defence recruiting to get the full story. You need to work at least 20 days per year and maximum is 150 days...

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Hey mate, I'm thinking of joining the reserves too! Pay info is here for Rifleman for Reserves: Salary while undertaking Military (Recruit) Training: .72 per day tax free.This particular job is classified as a Pay Group 2 occupation.