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25-Dec-2017 06:31

Many of our group began the chat experience in the WBS 60 chat room. That small group persevered and things soon began to pick up. the odd chatter wandering in from time to time and leaving messages for any others who happened by.Visit Free chat rooms for seniors 40 50 60 years old age plus at Senior-Chat (https:// Top Keywords: chat, senior, 40 50 60, 50 60, 40 50, chat rooms, rooms, age, 60, 40, links, plus, 50, 30 40 50 60, from around the world, chat rooms and, the world for, from around the, video chat rooms, citizen or, plus to, world for, and webcam, age 30, for friendship, for age, 30 40, rooms and, senior citizen, 60 plus, chat for, free audio, chat links, webcam chat, video chat, audio video, Theres a total of 88 keywords. It was last re-indexed on 2017-07-03 0300 and with a fetch interval of 175 days it will be fetched again in 3 days on 2017-12-25 or soon thereafter.Last fetch returned code 200, OK, the current page state is ACTIVE.It seemed that you could find people in the chat room at almost any time of the day or night.

Free audio video chat rooms and webcam chat for age 30 40 50 60 plus to meet adults people, senior citizen or elder folks from around the world for friendship or romance.

Finally, our current room opened on SFWest on December 20, 2001 and we were pleased to have a new home and we continue to enjoy the chat experience begun back in those early chat days in 1996.

It began with old friends made years ago and continues to be enhanced by new friends who have joined us along the way and who have become a solid part of this chat community.

However, a new room had been created for us by that time at Big Bob's Chat System and, although some chatters had wandered away during the process of changing rooms, a lot of the group moved together to the 60 room at Big Bob's.

We called that home for the next couple of years until it was announced that those rooms were also being closed.

Long before the end of the year, there was a large and vital group chatting there.